Our Team

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Clayton Wood  |  Executive Director

Clayton first came to Thrive Lonsdale in 2012 as an act of obedience to God. The ministry was in desperate need of revival. Five years later,  the ministry is thriving under his leadership. Clayton grew up at Wears Valley Ranch, a Christian children's home and school run by his loving parents. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in English Literature and a law degree from Washington and Lee. He has a lovely wife, Danielle, and 5 precious children, Maggie (7) Wyatt (6) William (4) Lewis (2) and Miles (baby!). Clayton loves coca-cola, Tennessee sports, and a lively political debate.


 Jenna Rorex  |  Special Projects Director

Jenna grew up in North Carolina, graduating from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Elementary Education. Jenna then travelled to Memphis, TN to work with Service Over Self before coming to work at Thrive Lonsdale in the fall of 2012. Jenna is married to Taylor, whom she met through Young LIfe's Discipleship Focus program in Pigeon Forge, TN. Jenna loves organization, bright colors, and all things Dollywood.


Mollye O'Rourke  |  Elementary Program Director + Communications Director

Mollye grew up here in Knoxville and graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2014. Mollye has been involved in Lonsdale and Thrive for many years. She serves as Thrive's Elementary program director, overseeing all elementary sites. She also does a lot of behind the scenes organization. Mollye loves design, learning new things (currently: Spanish and the violin), and oldies radio... although nothing can rival her love for her wiener dog Henry.


Laura Powell  |  Main Campus Site Director

Laura is from Signal Mountain, TN and graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2016 with a degree in Hispanic Studies and ESL education. She started as a full-time staff member upon graduation and is currently our Main Campus Site Director. She loves learning about and engaging with people from different cultures. She also enjoys going on walks and runs outside, biking, climbing trees, playing soccer and volleyball, and eating fresh fruit.


 Josh Shelley  |  Thrive Upper Program Director

Josh is from the great state of Georgia and graduated from Mercer University in 2012. Upon graduating he moved to Memphis, TN to complete the Memphis Fellows Program. This is where he fell in love with the great state of Tennessee! After spending two years on staff in the High School Ministry at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church, where is he still actively involved, Josh moved into a full time position as the Director of the Thrive Upper program. Now in his second year as the Thrive Upper Director, Josh is eager to see what the Lord has in store for the program. Josh is super passionate about ministering to teenagers and loves setting up leaders to invest in the lives of students. Josh loves the Atlanta Braves, hiking, and finding new restaurants with friends.


Beth Aaser  |  High School Site Director + Garden and Sports Coordinator

Beth, a Knoxville native, graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Speech Pathology. Beth has been involved in Lonsdale for many years. After interning throughout college, Beth moved into a full time position. Beth wears many hats; she leads the Thrive Upper High School program, oversees the Thrive Garden, and coordinates the sports program for our students. Beth loves energetically greeting people, the color of autumn leaves, organic food, and taking naps.


Sarah Foster  |  School Campus Site Director

Sarah invested in the community of Lonsdale for a number of years before came on staff at Thrive. She grew up in Knoxville and graduated from Lee University with a degree in Elementary Education. After 3 years of serving as Thrive's volunteer coordinator, Sarah is now the School Campus site director. Sarah loves early mornings, pine trees, walking her dog, backpacking, and Lord of the Rings marathons.

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Nate Choi  |  Parkridge Site Director

Nate graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2017 with a bachelor of arts and now serves as the Parkridge Site Director. Although he was born in California and has lived in many other states, after 8+ years of living in the great state of Tennessee, Nate calls Knoxville home and has a great love for the city and people. Nate enjoys engaging in philosophical conversations, exploring new places, coffeeshops, and rock-climbing.


Becca Campbell  |  Volunteer Coordinator

Becca is from Knoxville and graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2017 with a degree in Child Family Studies. After spending many years pouring into the Lonsdale community, she now serves as Thrive's Volunteer Coordinator. Becca has a big heart for the kids in the Lonsdale community and loves connecting different people and communities with each other. Becca loves diet coke, stripes, eating at tacos, and laughing.

Spring 2018 Interns

Interns lead and teach in our 8 elementary and 3 upper classrooms. 


                                   Main Campus

  • Class 1  | Christian Bruner + Veronica Allen
  • Class 2 | Rachel Anderson + Michelle Barnett 
  • Class 3 | Sarah Wade + Zach Tudeen
  • Class 4 | Elizabeth Steimer + Hannah Stauffer
  • Program Assistant | Margaret Tulloch, Savannah Gregg, & Marah Barnhart
  • Kitchen Director | Andrew Laurence + Nicholas Manley

                                 School Campus

  • Class 1  | Charlene Basinger + Jennifer Patten
  • Class 2 | Abby Leake + Baylor Williamson
  • Class 3 | Jill Petersen
  • Class 4 | Olivia Pfeifer + Kathleen Hughes + Marisa Infield
  • Program Assistant | Melanie Lewis, Liz Henry, & Stacia Stonebrook

                                Thrive Parkridge

  • Class 1 | Morgan Baker + Brooklynn Woodall
  • Class 2 | Rachel Anderson
  • Program Assistant | Marisa Infield

Thrive Upper

  • Class A | Landon Pardue + Colleen Leyrer
  • Class B | Emily Ferrell + Stephen Pardue
  • High School | Marlow Payant + Kieran Barrett
  • Program Assistant | Caetlyn Norman, Will Duncan, Nicholas Manley