August 2019

  • Pray for intern recruitment— that we would fill all open positions with godly college students.

  • Pray for our Intern Training beginning Aug. 15 where staff will be trained and equipped to minister well to our kids in program.

  • Pray for the remainder of August Camp and that kids will continue to experience the fullness of life found in a relationship with Christ

  • Pray for a great first day of school for our students and for the many who are matriculating into middle and high school

  • Pray for our students that have hard home-lives and that the Lord would be near to those hurting and struggling

  • Pray for our new Thrive Sprouts program— that the Lord would send the kids he wants to this program and he would bless it and encourage Charlene and her staff.

  • Pray for our new Thrive Residency program— pray the residents will quickly form and cultivate a Christ-centered community, pray for their employment (still need a few placements), pray for their classes and retreats, and pray for director Neil Anderson as he humbly leads this program.

  • Pray we would continue to make deeper relationships, rooted in the love of Christ, with kids and parents in Lonsdale and Parkridge

  • Pray that in all things Christ would be preeminent and that all kids + families + neighbors we connect with would come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior