January 2016

  • Pray for more Church partnerships
  • Pray for provisions for the community garden we are starting - we are hoping for it to be finished by march but still have a lot to do! (see the "garden" page)
  • Pray for us to be able to start the Thrive Garden -- we've been waiting for 2+ years!
  • Pray for the middle school students to have joy (Our middle school students are struggling with typical middle school issues on top of whatever is going on in their homes)
  • Pray specifically for students who are having a hard time at home and to look to Jesus
  • Pray for staff unity + new interns learning roles (we just hired 6 new interns who teach elementary and upper classes!)
  • Pray for the new Thrive Upper classroom (we've never before had 2 classrooms in the upper program!)
Source: www.thrivelonsdale.com/prayjanuary2016