Intentional Christian Community

in Lonsdale


The Housing Program

Thrive owns four houses adjacent to the main Thrive building. These houses are all part of our Intentional Christian Community Housing Program. Our hope for this program is that Christians would purposefully plant themselves in the neighborhood, live in unity with one another, and live out the gospel in Lonsdale.

Lonsdale will never be gentrified as the average home size is less than 600 square feet. Additionally, the houses are not as architecturally pleasing as some of the other older neighborhoods in the area. Because of this, it is not a popular site for Christians seeking to move into and serve the inner city. We are currently unaware of anyone, outside of our housing program, living in Lonsdale as a response to the Lord's calling on their life. 

Apply for Our Housing Program

Applications and Housing Program Agreements will be available July 2017

Our Homes